We also manufacture Electronics multimedia devices, besides iPhone2TV HDMI cables, Phone to TV HDMI cables, wired screen mirroring boxes, there are also multimedia devices of WiFi technology, such as WiFi display adapters and Wireless presentation gateways, Wireless Presentation Systems, and more...

We manufacture Miracast adapters(also known as Miracast dongles, Miracast receivers, WiFi direct dongles, etc), DLNA adapters(also known as DLNA dongles, DLNA HDMI adapters, DLNA wireless adapters), EZCast universal WiFi display dongles, RealCast PTV WiFi display dongles.

EZCast dongles support popular WiFi display protocols of Miracast, AirPlay, and DLNA EZCast with the EZCast software/APP.

RealCast PTV series natively support AirPlay, Miracast, DLNA, WiDi without any APP installation, for best WiFi display solution, as alternatives, users can also install MirrorOP, AirParrot or AirPin, which are also supported by RealCast PTV superior WiFi display series.

Phone2TV HDMI cables and box are designed to enable stable screen mirroring from iPhone/iPad, Android smart phone/tablet PC to big screens like HDTV, projector, display, monitors, etc.

Buyers are welcome to select proper multimedia electronics for their customers from our product categories below:
• Wireless Presentation Gateways and Wireless Presentation Systems
• RealCast PTV box - Superior WiFi display and Presentation
• iPhone HDMI cables and Android phone to TV cables
• EZCast universal WiFi display dongles