As the China manufacturer of 4G/LTE routers and 4G/LTE modems supplier, we proudly release a series of mobile data communication devices, based on over 10 years of developing and producing experience in networking industry.

We have evidenced the development of SOHO networking industry from NIC (Networking Interface Card), modem, hubs, Ethernet switches, SOHO routers, ADSL modem routers, to wireless adapters, AP routers, 2G/3G/4G modems and 3G/4G/LTE routers, from internet access to internet sharing, to network sharing and streaming, and the network from narrowband to broadband, from cabled to wireless, and from fixed to mobile.

Things have been changed and changing. It is now the era of mobile communication and our focus is mobile data communication. We are the player from the evolution of GSM to GPRS to EDGE, to WCDMA, to HSPA (HSDAP, HSUPA), and to HSPA+ to LTE/4G; and also the development from CDMA to EVDO to HSPA to LTE/4G. Now people around the globe can access internet and share here and there freely simply with 4G/lte WiFi modems and 4G/lte routers for fast, simple and instant mobile data transfer.

As the supplier of 4G modems and 4G mifi routers, we are glad we can offer proper 4G modems and 4G wireless CPE to grant both the residential users and travelers for convenient internet access, sharing and amusement, anywhere, anytime.

Importers and OEM/ODM Buyers are welcome to select proper 4G/LTE products for their customers from our product categories below:
4G uFi - 4G LTE USB WiFi Modems
4G MiFi - 4G LTE Wireless Router with Battery
4G CarFi - 4G LTE Wireless Router with USB Charger for car
4G CPE - 4G LTE Wireless Router/CPE