Portable 4G wireless router FDD/TDD Dual Duplex with Battery- V4G153M

Wireless 4G MiFi LTE Router FDD/TDD Dual Duplex - V4G152M Wireless 4G MiFi LTE Router FDD/TDD Dual Duplex - V4G152M

Visonicom V4G153M is a 4G WiFi LTE MiFi router with battery. It supports multiple frequency bands like: TDD TDD B40 2300MHz,B41 2500MHz BRS/EBS networks, and FDD B1 2100MHz IMT/ FDD B2 1900MHz PCS blocks A-F / FDD B3 1800MHz DCS/ FDD B7 2600MHz IMT-E/ FDD B8 900MHz E-GSM / FDD B20 800MHz EU Digital Dividend networks, also backward supports HSPA+/HSUPA/HSDPA/WCDMA, CDMA EVDO Rev B/Rev A/CDMA, EDGE/GPRS/GSM.

With the built-in 4g module SIM card slot, simply put a standard 4G SIM/USIM card, the 4G/LTE mobile hotspot works with the downlink speed up to 150Mbps and uplink 50Mbps for fast mobile 4G internet access for sharing with 10 users (recommended, max 254 users theoretically) with 150Mbps WiFi, which is also built inside.

The built-in Micro SD card slot of the WiFi 4G router MiFi support up to 32GB capacity. Simply put a Micro SD card then the portable 4G MiFi WiFi router V4G153M can also works as a WiFi NAS (Network Attached Storage) so that users can access and share the files with WiFi. No need to take a USB storage nor even a USB flash driver for travel!

Low-power Energy consumption feature of the 4G MiFi router enables the endurance up to 8~10 hours. It also come with optional LCD display.

The 4G/LTE wireless MiFi router supports 3 operation modes: 3G/4G Router, Travel Router (AP), WISP Client Router. With the quick configuration wizard, it is easy to configure and install. The new version of the firmware is upgradable through the web UI. 

Key Specification and Features:

4G WiFi Router with Battery V4G153M
* Share a 3G/4G mobile WiFi connection
* Supports TDD/ FDD/ TD-SCDMA/ WCDMA/ EVDO standards
* Supports FDD-LTE: B1/B2/B3/B7/B8/B20(Customizable)
* Supports TD-LTE: B40/ B41(Customizable)
* Supports WCDMA: B1/ B2/ B5/ B8(Customizable)
* Supports TD-SCDMA: B34/ B39(Customizable)
* Supports GSM: B2/B3/B5/B8(Customizable)
* Supports 2.4G WiFi standard 802.11B/G/N
* WiFi speed up to 150Mbps
* Supports 5~10 users at the same time 
* 3 operation modes: 3G/4G Router, Travel Router (AP), WISP Client Router
* Interface: 1 x USIM/SIM Card Slot,1 x SD Card Slot
* Button: 1 x Power On/Off, 1 x WPS, 1 x Reset
* LED indicators: 1 x 3G/4G, 1 x WiFi, 1 x Power
* WPS button for fast and security WiFi connection
* SD card slot for up to 32GB optional storage
* Internal 3000mAh rechargeable battery
* 3000mAh battery for 10~12 hours working
* 3000mAh Power Bank to supply power for mobile devices