Car MiFi Router: 5-in-1 3G Router USB Charger VWG151C

Car MiFi router: 5-in-1 3G router USB charger VWG151C Car MiFi router: 5-in-1 3G router USB charger VWG151C

Visonicom VWG151C is the first Car MiFi 3G router USB charger supports 3G hotspot, mini AP, mobile USB charger, cloud storage, media share, 5-in-1 solution. Simply plug the car WiFi 3G router into your car cigarette lighter socket, it get powered and run. It is a real mobile 3G router.

3G Hotspot
VWG151C supports HSDPA/HSUPA/HSPA+ 3G USB modems, CDMA EVDO Rev B/A 3G data cards and TD-WCDMA 3g dongles so that it can work as mobile 3G hotspot so that users can access internet anywhere.
It supports Wireless channel selection and multiple security options.

Mini AP
The USB 3G router works as a portable mini AP for wireless network.

Mobile USB Charger
The car MiFi 3g router is built with USB interfaces, one for USB drive, removable hard disk storage, and USB 3G modems, the other for charging power supply and charger for iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones, and tablet PCs.
The dual core design USB power ensures enough, steady and separate power supply for USB modem, USB driver and USB charger.

Cloud Storage and Media Share
The Car WiFi 3G router USB charger VWG151C supports all DLNA enabled devices and software so that it can also work as a wireless NAS (Network Attached Storage) for file, media playback and sharing.


Product Car MiFi 3G router USB charger: 3G hotspot, USB charger, Mini AP, Cloud storage, Media share, 5-in-1 solution. Item No.: VWG151C (CAR-MIFI-018N)
Description Creates a Wi-Fi hotspot from your 3G dongles, support up to 32 users access to internet at the same time. Supply power to electronic products (iphone/ipad/smart phone) as USB charger.
Features 1.Compatiable with HSDPA/HSUPA/HSPA+,CDMA EVDO Rev B/A USB modems
2. Supply power/ charger for electronic products
3. Connects iphone/smartphones/tablet PCs and shares internet connectivity
4. DLNA support for WiFi file sharing, media playback and sharing
Access mode 3G Wireless access(WCDMA/EVDO/TD-WCDMA)
WiFi Hotspot 1. Support 802.11b/g/n
2. WiFi connect data rate up to 150Mbps
3. Support over 32 WiFi clients port connection
4. WiFi channel selection
5. Multiple security options.
Transmission Distance up to 50m
Power Input 1.DC12-24v (car cigarette lighter socket)
Power Output 1. DC5v/1.5A for 3G modem, USB*1
2.DC5v/2.5A, for USB charger, USB*1
Size 110(L)*45(W)*21(D)mm
Weight 100g

Additional Info

  • WiFi Data Rate: 11n/g/b 150Mbps
  • Firmware: Linux SDK
  • Battery Capacity: No but Car lighter
  • Working Mode: 3G/LTE/4G router, Wireless Router, AP, USB Charger, WiFi NAS, DLNA Router
  • Internet Access Mode: 3G/LTE/4G
  • LAN Port: N/A