iPhone to HDMI and Android to TV to HDMI Cable Adapter

iPhone to HDMI and Android to TV to HDMI Cable Adapter iPhone to HDMI and Android to TV to HDMI Cable Adapter

This Phone2TV EZWire iPhone and Android USB to TV universal HDMI cable is for mirroring iPhone/iPad with the lightning connector, Android Smartphones/tablet PC's with the MicroUSB port to a TV or projector through HDMI port, especially when there's no WiFi router, or no Apple TV for iPhone/iPad AirPlay mirroring, or no WiFi Miracast, or MHL support for Android smartphones/tablet PC mirroring. With this lightning and MicroUSB to HDMI cable adapter you can use the TV to share videos and slide shows together with family and friends, or connect it to projector for meeting and presentation.

It comes with a USB type-A female connector, a HDMI connector and a USB type-A connector.

The USB type-A female connector is to connect Android smartphones/tablet PCs, or iPhone/iPad for video and audio out, the HDMI port is to output the multimedia content to a HDTV or projector, while the USB port is to connect to a USB charger or your TV USB port for power supply to the adapter cable, also for charging the iPhone during mirroring.

* It is simple. This USB female connector with connection to lightning or MicroUSB port can mirror your image/video from your iPhone /iPad/Android phones/tablet PCs to your HDTV, no additional APP needed.
* It is standalone. No WiFi needed, No Apple TV needed, No Miracast needed, No MHL needed.
* It is powerful. Great mirroring performance
* It works. Supports all iOS, no need to jailbreak, no worry of iOS upgrade, and Android 4.4 or greater.
* It supports. Charging and mirroring work simultaneously.

The AirPlay HDMI is compatible with:
- iPhone 5/6/7 families
- iPhone SE
- iPad Pro
- iPad Air2
- iPad Air
- iPad 4
- iPad Mini 4
- iPad Mini 3
- iPad Mini 2
- iPad Mini 1
- iPod Touch 6
For Android to HMDI it supports smartphones and tablet PC's of Android 4.4 or greater

- Brand names and trademarks are properties of the respective holders and are referred to here for descriptive purpose only.
- The idevice device must support "Personal Hotspot" function.
- If you use it with iPad, please make sure your iPad is WiFi + cellular version, since as far as we know for some countries, the iPad family can come as either WiFi or Cellular version, or support both WiFi and Cellular as premium version.

Package Content:
- EZWire iPhone and Android USB to TV universal HDMI cable
- User's Guide *1


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